This Latest Abaya Style is in fitting style. Loose sleeves with close neck pattern looking fabulous. The main thing which is fashionable in this new Abaya design of 2011-2012 is a fitting pattern. The curvy binding of the fabric at bump is giving marvelous look. The entire format looks so beautiful and perfect. This is a two piece package; Abaya with scarf, and therefore best for this winter season. Bringing forth an array of contemporary styled Islamic clothing for today's men and women Islamic fashion has added a whole new facet to style.  The online stores now offer the widest selection of Islamic clothes and Muslim wear such as, Hijabs, Al Amirah, Abayas, Jilbabs, Tunics, Salwar Kameez, Dishdasha, Plus Sizes, Formal items, Niqabs, and more, to renew your fashion statement. No more restricted to common black and white range, or to those monotonous plus shapes, the Abayas and Jilbabs are now aligned well to suit the contemporary society. Hence the Muslim designers have presented the widest range of balmier, softer fabrics in muted shades, floral design and other fashionable colors and pattern of Abayas to suit all occasions and every season.

Abaya Designs 2012


Hijab is not a new addition to Islamic clothing; it has been around for a very long time now. However, it is only in the recent past that this accessory has gathered so much attention and interest. There are hijab stores online that are solely dedicated to the hijab. Some countries also make the wearing of the hijab compulsory.

Abaya Fashion Styles


Fashion Hijab Styles


 The laws of some of the Muslim countries make it mandatory for the Muslim woman to cover the head. Why just use any cloth to cover your head when there are stylish hijabs available in hijab online stores

Abaya Fashion 2012


Hijab Abaya Style


From the Middle East to the Western world, the Hijab has come to conquer physical boundaries and so the more refined and sophisticated designs that make every attire truly worth it. The Hijab Abaya matching combination is one that you can achieve easily with so much variety and choice. The religious angle is well taken care of in each and every design.

Hijab Abaya Styles for Girls 2012

Hijab-Abaya-Styles- for-Girls-2012

Hijab Collection 2012 For Women


The huge variety makes it possible for you to mix and match as per your needs and according to the occasion. From everyday hijabs to more elaborate ones that make an ideal gift for a wedding or any other occasion, there is so much to choose right here.

Hijab Scarf Styles


Hijab With Style


Islamic Hijab Styles


Jilbabs and abayas


Modern Abaya for Girls


Islamic Abayas At The Best


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