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Latest Eid Dress Collection A Zeitgeist is a supreme brand of Ladies and Men official and stunning informal wear running since 20 years. Experience of 20 Years brilliance and the commencement of a lot of new ideas, outstanding thread, product lines and cloths that Zeitgeist recognized to the Pakistan ready to wear industry, give it a exclusive point. To occasion, Zeitgeist is to apply the stunning fancy of fame, fashion and luxury. Zeitgeist just presented summer and Eid dress collection for women and men. Have a faster look at this Zeitgeist Pakistan Gents and Ladies Eid Dresses.


Borjan Ladies Eid Purse Collections for GirlsBorjan known it as an outstanding maker of classify label and well-known footwear with the preparation to give marvelous shoes and bags at affordable prices. Walk in fashion this brings with Borjan regular collection of women’s comfort in adding to fashion advance bags. We can choose fantastic elastic leather bags; secret calm particularly and moderating lightweight unique and our feet will look and sense implausible all day. Just Borjan presented bags for Eid 2014 for girls and womens. You can look them in different shades of darkness as naval strength, snack, dark blue and joyful Eid bags and many special collections. 


Rubaaiyat Formal Bridal Dress CollectionEvery year bridal wear styles have been altering for the brides. If we discuss about the bridal dresses then there are a lot of clothing designers and brands that are arriving with the exclusive bridal dresses. In all brands we have Rubaaiyat by Minibindra. Few days ago, Rubaaiyat by Minibindra displayed its attractive formal bridal collection 2014. In this brial collection the designer is presenting with gorgeous formal bridal dresses. All dresses have been put with the heavy decoration of motifs and stone that appear awesome and superb. Dark and Bright colors have been utilized in glorious way in all the bridal dresses. Rubaaiyat by Minibindra is an Indian fashion clothing brand. This brand is control by the designer and owner Minibindra. This brand is recognized prominently even in the international fashion industry. 

Boutique Eid Dresses for GirlsEid is a religious festival and it is renowned every year with great excitement and enjoyable. For the Eid festival all the designers and brands are arriving with their beautiful Eid collections to formulate the women consider exceptional. Juggan has presented their stunning Eid dress collection 2014 for girls and womens. This entire collection is full with the stylish dresses that are deliberated according to latest fashion trends. Top of the dresses embroidery has been complete with the lace blend. Bright shades of colors have been included in the Eid dress. You will certainly like all the eid dresses. Juggan is recently put fashion brand in the Pakistan industry. This clothing brand is organized by owner Shaista Wajahat. In 1995 they were happening with their expedition. Juggan brand is recognized for women and girls dress collections. 

Sahil Exclusive Bridal Eid DressesIt’s time to create the Eid 2014 brilliant with the elegant Sahil Eid collection 2014! This dress collection is deliberated just for the arriving religious festival of Eid 2014. This bridal collection has been presented just few days ago in the marketplace. In this Eid dress collection 2014 the designer brand is distribution with bridal wear Eid dress. All the eid dresses in this collection are unique and amazing appearance. All the dresses use embroidery and motifs have been put. Some of the dresses are fixing with the zari and stone patterns. Sahil has finished the use of brilliant colors in all the bridal wear Eid dresses. Sahil is adding up as one of the famous and popular clothing brands in the fashion industry. This brand is associated with the fashion industry for the last few years. During the way of this clothing brand heart you will look women collections. 

Eid Mehandi Designs 2014 By Soniya PatelEid 2014 festival is arriving very soon and it’s time to find for few of the elegant Mehandi designs. Eid is a religious occasions that is imperfect without Mehandi designs. Every year just for Eid festival few of the breathtaking Mehandi designs are presented for women and girls. Just, Eid Mehandi designs 2014-2015 have been introduced by Soniya Patel in the fashion industry. All the Mehandi designs presented in this collection are merely beautiful and outstanding. Have a fate look at latest designs of Eid Mehandi Collection for Eid festival.In these mehandi designs a variety of designs have been included that variety from the easy pattern designs to linear designs as well.


Elan Luxury Pret for Luxury GirlsEid is arriving within few days and all the designers and brands are coming forward with their dress collections. Eid 2014 is type on the religious ideas so all the women and girls love to look the dresses that are traditional and elegant. Elan ready to wear Eid collection 2014 has been recently presented in the fashion industry. Elan has full its complete collection with the stylish long shirts. Long shirts have been put along with the trousers and churidar pajamas. All these shirts have been decorated with the gorgeous embroidery and thread working. Let’s Scroll down and look stunning Ready to Wear Eid Luxury Dresses presented by Elan. Elan is recognized as one of the popular clothing brands. This brand is even though recently set up but it has got big reputation in the short period.

Mausummery Ready Made Eid DressAre you to come for Mausummery Ready Made Eid dress collection? Eid 2014 is very close and it’s time to create it unique this time. For the religious occasions of Eid 2014 girls is all the time looking for eastern and graceful dresses. Just few days ago, Mausummery ready to wear Eid dress collection 2014 has been presented in the fashion industry. In this Mausummery collection is presented with ready to wear dresses that are full stitched in the customary type of fashion. Mausummery has done the use of soft and bold colors in the Mausummery Eid dresses collection. Discussing about Mausummery, this Clothing brand house is in particular known as being one of the most important fashion houses. 

Top-10 Mehndi Designs for EidIf you desire to create this Eid 2014 unique then don’t forget to look for the beautiful and attractive mehndi designs. Eid 2014 is spiritual occurrence that is celebrated every year twice times in a year. Eid 2014 can be ready extra special and memorable with the appliance of Top-10 Mehndi designs for Eid. The Eid festival gets closer the whole fashion industry gets crowded with the wonderful mehndi designs. Therefore, just scroll down and look the 10-Best Eid Mehndi Designs from Neeta Sharma mehndi artist, you will adore drawing at this Eid. For the basic easy designs are presented that are simple in appliance. Although at the same time diversemehndi designs have their own attraction that makes it gorgeous for women and girls.

Shamaeel Eid Dress Collection 2014The style of fashion and precise blue worldwide designer, Shamaeel has to her admired 24 years of struggle in the fashion's difference built-up. With stylish and gravel she not only famous her brand but proscribed best like the perfect Prima Donna of fashion design. Shamaeel Eid Dress collection 2014 has decorated just. Eid exhibition has recognized as Tughra Vol-4. To get the in front Pakistani fashion industry, leading and exclusive drifts are extremely essential. Now, here is the artistic and traditional Shamaeel Eid collection that includes in mostly essential outline. Because sparkling designs Shamaeel, has get concepts from excellent cultures of world to procedure Eid dress collection 2014. Shamaeel Eid exhibition has presented with elegant combinations of excited and prints colors.