This slim fit casual Abaya looks so beautiful and attractive. The use of colored fabric along with classic black fabric is looking stylish and trendy. Baggy style sleeves are being separated this Abaya design from others and this is the real beauty of this new Abaya design of 2011-2012. This is a modern style of Abaya and can be used officially in office, university and even in parties. Such type of Abaya’s gives fancier look which separates them from others. Strip work at scarf and at cuffs along with neck style looks so perfect and gives same unique look to this Abaya style. These latest designs of Abaya have unique style; have thin strip at all over the borders of Abaya, use of colorful fabric in sleeves and in scarf. All the designs and patterns look so beautiful with this modification. A lot of Muslim women wear extremely fashionable clothes beneath the drab and unattractive abayas. 

Beautiful Abaya Designs


The modern fashion conscious women have felt the need to wear abayas which are fashionable and attractive too. Realizing this need, fashion designers and couture houses have created abayas which have designer labels and are attractively tailored. 

Beautiful Hijab Fashion  


 Arabian Hijab Fashion 2012


Abayas now come as a complete set with trousers, upper wears, and hijab. The trendier abayas are used for party wear. Some of them have stylish pockets or hijabs in contrasting colors. Abayas are worn by women of all age groups.

 Beautiful Muslim girls in Abaya


 Fashion Hijab Styles


Abaya Designs 2012


Girls Abaya Fashion 2012 


Islamic tradition encourages women to be modest in their dress and cover the body except for the hands and face, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dress fashionably and express your own sense of style. Traditional Islamic women's black abayas or caftan tunics that cover the whole body with loose-fitting fabric are definitely Islamic-appropriate, but they may not have the trendy Western look you are seeking

 Gulf Abaya Designs 2012


 Hijab Styles 2013


 Omani Abaya Styles


 Hijab Fashion Hijab Styles 2013


 Hijab Scarf Styles 2013


 Jilbabs and abayas


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