Tackling fine hair head-onThis week I’ve been putting two new hair products to the test in the hope that at least one of them might bring my fine hair back to life, because quite frankly, it’s starting to look limp, lack lustre and on the whole, quite pathetic!

Having fine hair has been my bugbear since I can remember. Having fine, straight hair takes the biscuit – especially as someone who craves the body and bounce of J-Lo’s or Rachel McAdams’ voluminous locks. But we always want what we can’t have so since I discovered my fate, I’ve been trying every product under the sun to inject some life into it.

For years I swore by TIGI’s Headbanger Wax Spray but the nozzle always used to get blocked up and break after a week’s use and eventually it was discontinued. More recently it’s been dry shampoo that has been giving my barnet a much needed boost, but this week it’s been Fudge’s new Texture Blaster.

A spray wax that smells a like someone’s filled the can with fresh Pina Colada, I’ve found a spritz and a scrunch is all you need to create that tousled, textured finish. It’s also especially great for adding movement into your layers and giving them some lift so they’re not stuck flat to your head.

The other product I’ve been trialling is Aveda’s Color Conserve Daily Color Protect aveda.co.uk, which is less to do with my hankering for big hair and more about stopping my blonde looking brassy. A daily leave-in treatment that you use after you’ve shampooed and conditioned in the shower, it claims to stop fading for six weeks.

Now I’m not going to fib – I struggle to remember to use this every day (it’s my age!) but every time I have used it, it really does leave my hair feeling baby soft – and without weighing it down – which is just what I need.
I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my hair colour but that’s because bleach doesn’t suffer from fading in the same way as red or brunette but it also has UV-filters in it so I’m safe in the knowledge that it’s as protected as it can be. And as a final added bonus, it has that distinctive Aveda fragrance – you know the one - that organic spa-like scent that leaves your hair smelling expensive. Double bonus!

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