We are wary about the number of ‘all natural' herbal products being pushed by manufacturers for weight loss. But don’t worry, there are still a number of natural weight loss methods you can use to drop the pounds while feeling good about your health. Shedding pounds is essential to improve the health of those suffering from this prevalent condition. However, rapid weight loss with aggressive diets subjects key bodily organs, specifically the liver, to excess stress. Experts claim that regular body cleansing is a natural way to mitigate this stress and help the body lose weight more efficiently. When people make drastic changes to their food intake to lose weight, the liver is required to work overtime to flush out excess fat and toxins. That's why body cleansing is so important -- it's a natural, safe way to protect your body from the strain of these radical diets and avoid future health complications.
Extreme weight loss
Extreme weight loss

While there are a number of approaches to body cleansing, taking herbal supplements is a healthier, less disruptive way to purify the body on a daily basis. Herbal teas have a remarkable history of beneficial cleansing effects on the body. Herbs such as those contained in Wellements' Daily Detox Tea protect your health during weight loss without reducing your nutritional intake. It's essential not to sacrifice your health when you're trying to lose weight. Other methods of body cleansing include detoxification diets, which usually involve fasting or a liquid diet, with the gradual reintroduction of certain whole foods. Some programs also encourage colonic irrigation, otherwise known as an enema, which cleans out the colon and lower intestines.Herbs support the body's normal cleansing process, naturally removing toxins that build up due to processed food, pollution, stress and hormone-based products. Many organic herbs have antioxidant qualities, and increase metabolism by offering a natural stimulant without caffeine.

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