Fair Complexion
  • Turmeric powder and orange juice will definitely bring glow on the skin. Add them together and apply the paste for 20 minutes onto the skin. After washing the face, you’ll discover the glow. 
  • Mix curd and cucumber juice. Dab the mixture on the face. Do this therapy continuously for three to four days. You will discover a perfectly glowing complexion.  
  • Milk is also a healthy part of any beauty care regime. It nourishes the skin and brings a clear and bright skin. You have to collect a little milk. Remember to take it before doing the boiling process. Apply this component onto the skin with gentle touch. After finishing the therapy wash off the face. It will offer you a radiant and fair skin.

Beauty Tips for Fair Complexion

  • Clean, tone and moisturize every night before going to bed as this will keep your skin looking radiant. 
  • For makeup, use the lighter tone of foundation, lipstick can be anything from pinks, browns and reds and concealer should be one tone lighter than your skin tone. For eye shadows, use lighter colors for the subtle look during work and if you wish to get the wilder look, experiment with all the bolder colors during your night outs. 
  • For dresses, try out darker shades like grays, reds and black shades. But, remember as long as you can carry off a certain color, simply wear it!

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