Henry Roth is the name of an Australian wedding down design house that was the brainchild of Aneta and Joseph Weinreich more than 60 years ago. They’re still around designing wedding dresses and a host of other couture, and their children have joined them to make it a full family business. Actually, the name Henry Roth is their son, who got a law degree before deciding to get into the wedding gown business. His sister is Michelle Roth, who also has her own wedding gown designs within the family business.
As designer gowns go, the prices for their gowns are fairly reasonable, with starting prices around $1,500. They specialize in design rather than embellishment. There are frills, but not much embroidery. You will find splashes of sparkle and shine highlighting silk and chiffon specialties. They also love accessorizing with things such as gloves and bags.

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